Howell v. Howell: SCOTUS Oral Argument Audio

As promised, here is the link to the Howell v. Howell oral argument audio. Once you click the link, there is another link to click in the left, blue panel entitled “ORAL ARGUMENT – MARCH 20, 2017”. The audio is 53 minutes long, but totally worth it (at least I think so).

If you haven’t visited Oyez before, you should explore the site. There is a ton of Supreme Court information ranging from court history to case briefs to case opinions to audio recordings. If you have any interest in the Supreme Court, Oyez is a great place to just click around.

Th last thing I will post on the Howell case will be the opinion and maybe some commentary. So, until then, enjoy 53 minutes of very good attorneys arguing over federal and state statues as applied to dividing veteran disability payments in a divorce (at least try to enjoy it).


1 thought on “Howell v. Howell: SCOTUS Oral Argument Audio”

  1. […] After writing about the Howell case for a few months now, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its Opinion today! Written by Justice Breyer, the Court unanimously agreed with Mr. Howell. Here is the link for the SCOTUS Blog article summarizing the opinion and it has a link directly to the opinion. […]


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