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In addition to providing information and random family law articles in the blog section, I’ve added a Book Store page that will list some books that I think can help with divorce or family law issues. I’ve linked the books to Amazon (affiliate links) so that you can read more about them or purchase them. Also, I am working on a few of my own books (ebooks) and I will list on the Books Store page once I am finished writing them. So, if you want so more information on divorce and family law, head over to the Book Store page and see what I think is interesting or helpful.


1 thought on “Book Store”

  1. […] So, I haven’t blogged in a few weeks because I’ve been working on other projects. One of those is the Arizona Order of Protection Guidebook. I’ve been working on various iterations of a guide for Orders of Protections for years, but I just recently sat down and put something together. The Guidebook provides some commentary on how to obtain or defend an Order of Protection as well as appendices containing some of the rules and statutes someone might need to wade through the Order of Protection process. I’ve finally finished the Guidebook and I have it up for sale in the Bookstore. […]


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