Howell v. Howell: SCOTUS Oral Argument Recap

The oral argument in Howell v. Howell at the Supreme Court of the United States was yesterday, March 20, 2017. SCOTUS blog released a summary of the argument here. In the the summary, Amy Howe notes that the justices were relatively reserved during the argument and didn’t immediately pepper the attorneys with questions (as they normally do). This lukewarm reception, however, makes it difficult to forecast the Court’s decision on the case. My understanding from the attorneys and the summary is that Justices Roberts and Breyer seemed to favor Husband, while Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg seemed to favor Wife. If you want to get nerdy about this, here is a link to the oral argument transcript. I will likely read it, but I am kind of a nerd and I worked on the case. As soon as the Court releases the oral argument audio I’ll post that also.


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